Instagram and Fake Identity

I am pretty much sure that you who happen to read this are most likely have Instagram account. Yeah, really? who doesn’t? Now, no matter you are an active or passive user, the question being posed is, what do you use an Instagram for? And how does it benefit you? My intention by writing this is to make sense where I have been up to, and hopefully come up with idea of how to fix when things go wrong. This post is inspired by one of my favorite vlogger Nerdwriter about Instagram.

As you might have known, Instagram have evolved from just being a sharing pictures social media into online business tools into being quick famous celebrities place into updating your daily life stories. It is your choice to decide whom to follow and how your feed might be look like. I was addicted to Instagram. There was no single day I didn’t open it. Scroll down, scroll up, likes, comment, check notification -even though it’s clearly nothing up there, update and watch insta stories, has become never ending daily chain of habit. I suspect, I liked to spend lots of time in Instagram because I was in lazy mood, it’s very light content, it’s easy, and it’s just picture -worth of thousand words they say, and most of people don’t like heavy stuff content to read, that’s why posting pictures with a very long caption most probably garner less likes. If I spend too much time on Instagram, chances are I am getting more and more lazy everyday. What I mean by lazy is, there is an unconscious habit being developed to not like reading, to value pictures and any kind of visualization more than anything, to like a beautiful artist more than humans-of-new-york story post. Well I believe one shall be balance on both side, but developing this habit to diminish another is not a good thing. The truth was I was having difficult time to focus on reading. I couldn’t even go 1 hours straight without a break looking at Instagram. I was that addicted. Or maybe I still am.

I might be biased but judging my less focus over Instagram is easy run-away. True there are many factors such as over-worrying of what people think, anxiousness, or just simply  a wrong mentality. Instagram couldn’t be more wrong than contributing self anxiousness, self insecurity, and social acceptance itself. I don’t believe deleting your Instagram account would solve the problem. I think if you do, you are kind of loser over yourself. So I decided to fix Instagram. How so? First and foremost is to be able to know your value. What makes me valuable enough? Is that number of like that does? What if there is no single like for your Instagram post? I have a friend who is really good in photography and picture editing. I have seen his work, he got the skill I admit. But there is one thing that struck me quite surprisingly, is that his Instagram account got little follower, less number of likes, and he rarely post his greatest picture in Instagram. With his good looking face and his work he could have garnered many followers had he decided to do so. When I asked this, he simply answered, “I don’t care how many likes or followers I got. My skill is not judged by any kind of them. I am more happy to be judged by personal and honest opinion like you” And yes, he spent little time on Instagram.

Second thing that helped me go through is to understand the motivation behind every activity on Instagram. Why do you post what you post? Why does it matter to you? I believe that every single reason that backed my activity on Instagram could be reflected to the audience. Social media is very powerful tools to present the conception of who currently you are or who you want to be perceived you are. The system has been built even to fake things up, as it is judged by number of likes or comment The more likes you get the more true it is. When it comes to reasons, I simply avoid such things that could make people being anxious by seeing at my activity as I would feel the same way by looking at other activity. This is very hard because I cannot control people as they cannot control mine. I am myself still learning this mastery though. But one thing to be clear is that to be true to myself, to my own value, that I share something that I think is worth sharing. For instances, I like sharing activity with how-to-information, knowledge, and opinion. Well a little bit of my self picture here and there so that people don’t forget my face, lol. I don’t share too much information about me, about my achievement, about me having fun last night, about what I had for dinner. The worst part of that is actually because we tend to make and exaggerate things up as if trying to say, look I just had fun with boyfriend, I am the happiest person alive and you better envy me, rather than giving proper information to audience. I know few people who clearly are the opposite of what they tend to share, or at least not that of the happiest. Why are we happy making people jealous? Bet because we happened to be jealous a while, and this is the best revenge, my friend!

If you are like me who sometimes are tired scrolling up and down lazily on Instagram, I would suggest to move on to another social media which I think is healthier. They are such of Quora, Youtube, Steller, and Reddit. Really, they provide knowledge and information in abundance. Reddit is clearly my favorite. Think I would write about Reddit separately why they have improved my life. Cheers! 🙂

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