What have I done for others?

Today I have been thinking about the question I don’t get the answers

What have I done for others?

I have done many things in life sure, but of all those things, how much did I dedicate to better others life? I am not a doctor who could volunteer delivering medical aid to people of war or epidemics. I am not a teacher down in the middle of nowhere who work tirelessly for a better future kids. I am not a president whose policy could change people’s life in seconds. I am just an engineer who work for myself -sometimes for my boss, in a pretty normal office day nine to five seven -sometimes more, creating smart card solution for people around the world but have no idea how exactly it benefits them -cause it’s all about business, well it’s not wrong and nothing wrong about it either. I think we all should be able to distinguish what matters in our activity by knowing how much impact we can deliver. Can they live without it? Can they survive? Can we talk with people we claim to have helped? I came to understand this lately, and the answers of these questions would definitely change my perspective about what does it mean to work.

I remember when I was working in previous company, I was responsible to improve the portable solar light solution for rural people around the world. At that moment business was high and fierce; company was left behind the race and trying to catch up. I needed to come out with other design which was much simpler but not entirely pulled off the quality to put them in a more competitive price. My mind was getting clattered of what matters and not. Until I knew that company decided to use the product I and team had been working with for CSR activity in the nearest island having no electricity. Back then I heard company was successfully installing hundreds of solar lamp in every corner of island, people was content and grateful for not worrying about electricity in the night anymore. Too bad I had left company I couldn’t interact with the people of island -I still remember watching from video their hilarious clap and laugh moment waiting for the first sensory light coming out right after the sun was set. I am not trying to be exaggerating but the feeling when your work bring happiness for people was something that couldn’t compare with anything. It was that good.

Currently I am still doing good stuff in job, perhaps a little bit. But let’s aim higher. There are lots of opportunity out there to be pursued to make us more human and valuable. We can teach kids, being a volunteer to a disable community, visiting and listening to elderly people, giving access for free education on internet, and countless things more. And let’s not limit ourself to a nine-to-five confinement to do something for community. This is I am talking to my self.

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